How Active Are Ticks in the Fall?

Autumn is approaching, and it is going to be bringing some cooler temperatures with it, meaning that many people will probably be doing less outdoor activities than before. Still, with leaves falling into the yard and homeowners getting outside to mulch and do their fall lawn chores, they may be wondering just how active ticks can be in the autumn season.

Is Tick Season Behind Us?

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The temperature will soon begin to get a little crispier, but that doesn’t mean that ticks are going to be gone completely. You see, numerous ticks can still be out in the yard looking for a food source until the middle to end of November, before they begin to go dormant until spring rolls around. Ticks are so active this time of year because they are looking to get a deal of food to last them until they come back out in spring time.

If you are frequently working out in your yard during the fall months, you will still probably want to keep an eye on yourself and be sure to check yourself over for ticks when you come inside.

Should I Treat My Yard For Ticks in the Fall?

After a tick has gotten its fill from a host it has latched onto, a female will lay its eggs somewhere warm and dark, and they will lie dormant until the spring time, spawning a brand new population of ticks in your yard. It is not a bad idea to go ahead and treat your yard for ticks in the fall to attempt to keep the tick population at bay, especially if you are outside doing yard work frequently.

If you decide you’d like to go ahead and treat the yard for ticks, get in touch with your local tick control gulfport professionals, who will be more than happy to help you rid your yard of any ticks that may be hiding in it.